Barriers to our daily commute

Securing your first job is a big moment for anyone, but for us (disabled people) getting that first job can be a much bigger challenge.  We face numerous barriers that often prevent us getting work.. AoD’s employment service has been supporting disabled people in to employment for over 5 years. We focus on removing barriers.  Our internships are developed in partnership with businesses and colleges that offer a year’s work placement and a qualification as a pathway to paid employment.

One barrier that disabled employees face is traveling to their place of work. These include inaccessible tube station and trains, lifts not working, ramps on buses not working, only one wheelchair space on busses. In addition, many disabled people have to take a longer route to work than their non-disabled colleagues. We have seen improvements in public transport but there are still many barriers that restrict our ability to commute. Watch Haley’s commute to work since becoming an intern at GSK in Brentford.

A recent report by the BBC highlights similar issues:

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See how Haley’s story is challenging other young people to come up with creative tech solutions:

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