Charlie leaps out of a plane to raise money for AoD

Charlie Taggart is an AoD member who has always had high ambitions. Last Sunday she realised one dream by flying up to 10,000 feet and jumping out of the plane! She has raised hundreds of pounds for AoD (the final count is not in) with her brave jump.

Charlie is a classroom assistant at GSK working on Project Search. She graduated from the programme last year and has been involved with AoD for many years beginning with her participation on our Youth Scheme.

Community fundraiser and her family accompanied her to the airfield but she took the leap alone – in tandem with her instructor of course! Here are some pictures of Charlie jump.

Picture of Charlie and her instructor as they sit on the edge of the open door waiting to jump.

Jumping out!


Charlie and her instructor free falling

Charlie on the way down

It's all over! Charlie and her instructor celebrate on the ground.