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About the Project:

We believe it is important to use the law to fight for our rights. The Disability Justice Project is run by Inclusion London. It supports London Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations to use the law to help Deaf / Disabled people make our rights to independent living and access to goods and services a reality.

More Information:

You can find out much more about the project and what information is available to you byou by clicking on the link below.

Website: https://www.disabilityjustice.org.uk

Below are a series of PDF Guides that are also on the website link above. For the Full Range of Guides, including ones with BSL signing. You can download the guides from this page onto your own PC / Laptop for future reference. For the full

1. Transport – Discrimination Guide

2. Physical Barriers – Discrimination Guide

3. Accessible Information – Discrimination Guide

4. Public Engagement – Discrimination Guide

5. Housing – Discrimination Guide – Council Tenants

5a. Housing – Discrimination Guide – Private Tenants

5b. Housing – Discrimination Guide – No Tenancy or Home of Your Own

5c. Housing – Discrimination Guide – Social Tenant

5d. Housing – Discrimination Guide – Owner Occupier

6. Human Rights – Our Guide

7. Care Act – Understanding the Key Rights Top Tips

7a. Information and Advice Slide Pack

7b. Partnerships Cooperation and Integration

Easy Read Versions

1. Transport Guide Easy Read

2. Physical Barriers Guide Easy Read

3. Accessible Information Guide Easy Read

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