Employment is an important part of life for so many reasons. Given the right support, people with a learning difficulty can be an asset in the workplace and make a net contribution to society. Our innovative employment programme is aimed at 16-25 year olds with a learning difficulty ensuring that they get the same opportunities as everyone else.


  Employment is an important part of life for so many reasons. Firstly, it is how most of us earn a living but it is often how we define ourselves and what gives us our sense of self worth. Many of us make friends and even meet our life partners at work. Find out how we work with young people with learning difficulties and with employers

For job seekers

  Are you between 16 and 25? Do you have a learning difficulty? Would you like to develop your skills? Would you like support to make interviews and job roles more accessible to you? Less than 8% of people with a learning difficulty are in paid employment. The disadvantage can start early on with people having low expectations of their skills and ability to learn. Recruitment procedures can exclude people with learning difficulties - sometimes the skills you need to get through an interview are more difficult than the job itself. Often those people that do get offered a job or a work trial are not given the right support to show off their talents. Contact Colin on 8530 to talk about the opportunities at HAFAD. HAFAD is not currently offering employment support to other disabled people. We can point you in the direction of other providers. Please call 020 7471 8530 for more information.

For employers

We can assist employers to diversify their workforce and support their corporate social responsibility. Market Leaders GSK said “ “. Many businesses want to employ more disabled people but find that disabled candidates do not apply or do not make it through the recruitment process. HAFAD uses tested models of job coaching and training for managers to ensure that candidates have the skills you need and managers have the confidence to support them. Our team can provide:
  • Information and advice on how the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 affects your business.
  • Support businesses to recruit talent they are unable to reach
  • Identify specific systematic tailored job roles that meet the demands of your business.
  • Employment law advice with regards to learning disabilities.
  • Information on accessible selection methods and techniques (application forms, tests, interviews)
  • Information on the Business Case and benefits of employing disabled people.
  • Training in management of people with learning disabilities/difficulties.
  • Support to ensure each candidate can achieve your industry standards: travel training, job coaching, etc.
  • Regular monitoring and follow up of employees
  • Lever in government funding for adapted equipment or ongoing support.
In our experience getting the recruitment, training and retention of disabled people is long term investment in your business. Disabled employees are hard working, committed and reliable. The other benefits to your business include:
  • Promoting your commitment to diversity.
  • Developing and supporting your company’s values
  • Developing the skills of your workforce and management
  • Improving performance and retention in high turnover positions
  • Raising your company profile

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