History of Hafad Youth Service

In 2000/2001 Action on Disability launched its Youth Service through the work of its 1st Chance Project.  The broad aims of the programme are to develop an integrated service for young disabled people in Hammersmith and Fulham.

We are now in our eighth year and Action on Disability remains committed to developing this initiative. We aim to establish access to a comprehensive range of support and progression pathways for young disabled people into the wider community. Our dual strategy is to improve the quality and cohesion of our own services and develop better partnership working with the local authority and other organisations.

Action on Disability`s work is underpinned by its core values. The major emphasis of our work is empowerment, developing independent living skills, facilitating inclusion and fostering potential for active citizenship.

Key Aims of Youth Service

  • To provide a range of leisure and education opportunities for young disabled people throughout the year.
  • To provide access to social opportunities for young disabled people.
  • To promote inclusive services and develop progression routes for young disabled people into the community.
  • Through the service delivery to assist in providing support for the families of disabled people.
  • To provide support and training for independent life skills, including employment.
  • To help young people to set their own life targets.
  • To set standards of good practice and promote their further development.