Independent Living

Independent living means all disabled people having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other citizens at home, work and in the community. It does not necessarily mean living by yourself or fending for yourself. It means rights to practical assistance and support to participate in society and live an ordinary life.
It is about ensuring people of all ages are able to maintain their independence, and are able to access appropriate support when they need it.

What is Independent Living

 What do we do?

The Independent Living Service (ILS) aims to Enable Disabled People to make the most of the same rights and options as anyone else – creating a sense of

Independence, Choice and Opportunities.

We are here to create an accessible environment, give control over personal assistance, offer peer support, put people at the heart of decisions that affect them and build people’s self-confidence and motivation through positive actions.

If you have any questions about anything you see on any of the pages below, then contact

Andrew Farrow (Peer Support Officer) – ILS & AoD Connect Project 

0203 080 0384 –

Yasmin Mian (Project Co-ordinator) – Disability Connect Westminster Project 

0203 080 0385 –

Useful Leaflet & Factsheets

Below is a copy of our ‘ILS Service Leaflet’ and a series of Factsheets relating to Our Core  Project Groups / Activities. These Factsheets are a taster of what you can expect to find further down on our homepage.

ILS Service Leaflet

AoD Connect Peer Support Schedule 2017 – 2018

About AoD Connect – Peer Support Project

About Disability Connect Westminster

About IT Connect Computer Group

About the Health and Wellbeing Club

About the Knitting Pearls’ Social Club

About Travel Connect

About Volunteering With AoD

AoD Connect - Peer Support

What is AoD Connect? - A Peer Support Project for disabled people to become Independent and Confident 21st Century Citizens. Who is Eligible? - Anyone aged 18 or over with a disability or long term health condition. Project Purpose - Connecting disabled people to
  • Courses - such as Disability Equality, Confidence Building and Digital Inclusion
  • Peer Support Groups - including interest or activity groups, such as IT, knitting, cooking or swimming
  • Common Experience Groups - such as health and wellbeing, coping with pain, access issues.
  • Social Activities in a range of venues. All of the groups - activities will be Peer-Led, chosen and facilitated by the participants
Improve your confidence, learn new skills - become a volunteer! Get in touch - come along and join in! Overcoming Barriers Together

What is Peer Support

Peer Support is about people coming together to form peer support groups because they share a common experience or concern. Some groups focus on information sharing and emotional support, others offer an opportunity to socialize and form friendships. Groups form and change according to the members' needs. A peer support approach nurtures social support networks and supportive communities. It gives each person valued input, equal involvement and shared responsibility for group tasks. Everyone shares the common ground of the same issue, difficulty or experience, making everyone the same. Each individual receives support but also offers support to others. Participation enhances confidence and self-esteem, from the opportunity to help others and from accepting help.

Disability Connect Westminster

This project supports deaf and disabled people between 18 and 60 years old who live in the borough of Westminster to access services and opportunities in the community Getting Out and About in the Community Supporting those who would like to build their confidence in travelling so they can pursue leisure and social activities they are interested in. Referring People to Appropriate Services Providing details of where people can access advice and information. Education and Training – Support with accessing training courses and help with enrolment and accessing any additional support needed. Peer Support Groups / Workshops An opportunity to meet other service users, share information and ideas and offer each other support. For More Information, Contact: Yasmin Mian – Project Co-ordinator 0203 080 0385 - 07825 373 859 

Direct Payments Peer Support

A group for people accessing Direct Payments, enabling them to come together in a safe and comfortable space to talk and collectively:
  • Give and get basic support, problem solve and learn from each other
  • Share their knowledge and experience of receiving a direct payment.
  • Feel more confident asking for information or advice or challenging bad practice
  • Access regular guest speakers and organisations
Making the most of YOUR Direct Payments 

Disability Forum

We are a group of local disabled people who volunteer their time and expertise to make a better borough. We work hard to influence people who make policy in order to improve local services. Active groups include a planning group - we review and comment on planning applications to ensure local public places are accessible and well-designed for everyone. We're always open to offers of help - if you've a little time to give and a passion to make a difference you'd be welcome. Join us!

Social Media Safety Tips

  With the Widespread use of Social Media in our Lives, we all need to be Safe about how we use it. These tips can be used by both

Love Films, Come and Access Our Monthly Film Club in 2018

AoD Connect (Peer Support Project) have joined up Open Age to offer a Monthly Film Club. So, let’s start with the basics Who’s Eligible? – Anyone over 18 and

Become a IT Tutor / Buddy in our weekly Computer Group (IT Connect)

we are looking to recruit ‘IT Tutors / Buddies’ for our Very Popular Weekly Computer Group called ‘IT Connect’.  What is IT Connect? ‘IT Connect’ is a twice weekly

AoD & Lumi Foundation Yoga Group

Give Yourself a Monday Morning Boost with Our New Yoga Group AoD Connect (Peer Support Project) have teamed up with the Lumi Foundation to offer you a chance to

Online Hate Crime – Victim’s Experience Survey

The Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime (MOPAC) would like to hear from anyone that has been a victim of direct or indirect Online Hate Crime. What is a

H&F Council Want You Housing Views through Focus Groups

Hammersmith & Fulham Council would like disabled people who live in the borough to work with us to develop a new way forward on housing for disabled people. This exciting

4 Useful Chair Exercise – Balance, Flexibility, Sitting, Strength

AoD’s Health and Wellbeing Club have re-produced a series of 4 Chair Based Exercises that are available on the NHS Choices Website ( Below you will find a Large

Looking after Your Mental Health Tips

Below and attached are some Really Useful PDF Guides that YOU may find useful in your busy day to day life. Remember: We all need to look after ourselves

Email Safety Tips & 10 Top Tips for Computer Beginners

if you’re New to using Email and Using a Computer / Laptop, Tablet then here are some Useful Tip that you could use to make your experience Online Safer

Check Out a New YouTube Channel called Interactive Mobility

AoD Connect (Peer Support Project) would like to Showcase a New YouTube Channel aimed at getting Disabled People and getting their Voices heard through Informative Videos. Below is a