Independent Living

Independent living means all disabled people having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other citizens at home, work and in the community. It does not necessarily mean living by yourself or fending for yourself. It means rights to practical assistance and support to participate in society and live an ordinary life.
It is about ensuring people of all ages are able to maintain their independence, and are able to access appropriate support when they need it.

What do we do? 

The Independent Living Service (ILS) aims to Enable Disabled People to make the most of the same rights and options as anyone else – creating a sense of

Independence, Choice & Opportunities 

We are here to create an accessible environment, give control over personal assistance, offer peer support, put people at the heart of decisions that affect them and build people’s self-confidence and motivation through positive actions.

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Flyers and Information

AoD Main Leaflet – 2018

What is Independent Living

A to Z of Organisations and Resources – PDF

A to Z of Organisations and Resources – Word






What is Peer Support


Peer Support is about people coming together, sharing a understanding of the same issue, difficulty or experience, making everyone an equal.
  • Each individual receives support but also offers support to others.
  • Participation enhances confidence, self-esteem & a meaningful sense of independence, from a shared goal.
  • Peer Support nurtures & builds supportive social networks & communities.

Peer Led Groups

  • Groups can focus on information sharing & emotional support, offer opportunities to socialise, forming friendships.
  • Groups form & change according to users needs.
  • Group participation gives each person valued input, equal involvement & shared responsibility for group tasks.

What is a Peer?

  • P = Personal: A relationship with your peer is personal
  • E = Equal: You are on a equal level with your peer, sharing common ground
  • E = Empathetic: You can put yourself in their shoes and really understand how your peer feels.
  • R = Reciprocal: You give and receive support


AoD Connect - Peer Support Project

What is AoD Connect?

A Peer Support Project for disabled people to become independent and confident 21st Century Citizens

Who is Eligible?

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Anyone with a disability or long term health condition
Definition A long term health condition is considered a disability if it lasts, or is likely to last for 12 months or more, and has a long-term effect on someone’s normal day-to-day activity.

Project Purpose:

Connecting Disabled people to
  • Courses - such as Confidence Building, Disability Equality and Digital Inclusion.
  • Peer Support Groups - including interest or activity groups, such as IT, Knotting, Creative Writing and Heslth & Wellbeing.
  • Common Experience Groups - such as coping with pain, your health, access issues.
  • Social Activities in a range of venues. All of the groups - activities are Peer-Led, chosen and facilitated by the participants

Project Outcomes:

  • Increase confidence, knowledge and skills to challenge poor access and discrimination.
  • Increase access to mainstream activities online.
  • Decrease isolation and loneliness.
  • Increase self esteem by encouraging someone to see themselves as a active member of society, making a contribution to the community.
  • Increase health and wellbeing by supporting someone to manage their own health more effectively.

What is a Peer Mentor?

  • A Peer Mentor is a person who has learned life strategies, how to be a self-advocate, how to live independently and has acquired the skills to help others do the same.
  • A Peer Mentor differs from a Counsellor or an Advocate in that a Peer Mentor does not tell his / her peers how to live their life. Rather, a Peer Mentor offers the benefit of his / her own experiences, passing along the encouragement and support needed for others to construct their own advocacy and life strategies to bring about desired goals.

Direct Payments Peer Support in H&F

A group for people accessing Direct Payments, enabling them to come together in a safe and comfortable space to talk and collectively:

Group Purpose For YOU

  • Give and get basic support, problem solve and learn from each other
  • Share their knowledge and experience of receiving a direct payment.
  • Feel more confident asking for information or advice or challenging bad practice
  • Access regular guest speakers and organisations
More Information about Our H&F Monthly Support Group Look for the 2 Posts below about the Direct Payments Peer Support Group Direct Payments Peer Support Group - H&F DP Users Direct Paynents - What is it - How to Get it You will find other posts relating to Direct Payments

H&F Council Direct Payment Report Review Event – September 2018

AoD, H&F DPC (Disabled Peoples Commission), and H&F Council worked together to put on a event aimed at Direct Payment Users in the borough to present the recent Review

A to Z of Organisations & Websites & Resources

Below is a list of Organisations and Resource Website Links that you may find of interest and use.  Please Note: This is not a full and Comprehensive list, but

Direct Payments Peer Support Group – H&F DP Users

Action on Disability would like to let Direct Payments Users in the H&F Borough know that there is a Monthly Peer Support Group for YOU About the Group: This

Back on Track Service – Previous Workshop Slides and Resources

Below are the slides and handouts from the various workshop that we delivered in partnership with the Back on Track Service in Hammersmith. Coping Strategies Coping Strategies When You

Direct Payments Users – Useful Websites and Organisation Contacts

Below is a selection of Useful Websites and Organisation Contacts that may be a useful source of information and resources for Direct Payment Users.. Downloadable Versions MS Word Versions

RADAR Keys – Access to Disabled Toilets

Action on Disability (AoD) is an official stockist of RADAR keys For anyone that already has a RADAR key, they will be aware that this is a small, but

Travel Connect – Apply for Disabled Transport Concessions

AoD Connect (Peer Support Project) would like to let disabled people living in Hammersmith and Fulham about our existing service called ‘Travel Connect’ What is the purpose of this

Learn My Way Online – Interactive Courses & Certificates

Learn My Way Online Experience with Action on Disability (AoD) Action on Disability would like to tell you about our Online IT / Learning Service called ‘Learn My Way’,

Knitting Pearls Social Club

Come and join our very happy Weekly ‘Knitting Pearls Social Club’ You’re very welcome to join us. You need to be: Anyone with a disability, or have a long-term

Health & Wellbeing Club – Helping & Supporting You to Improve Yourself

Come and join our Monthly ‘Health and Wellbeing Club’   You’re very welcome to join us if you want to:  Make a positive change to your life and those