Love Films, Access Our Monthly Film Club in 2018

AoD Connect (Peer Support Project) have joined up Open Age to offer a Monthly Film Club.

So, let’s start with the basics

Who’s Eligible? Anyone over 18 and 50+ – that’s it

Who are Open Age?Open Age are a London based organisation for people that are 50+ and who want to access a broad opportunities and activities, together with our members, across health, leisure, well-being, education and employment.

They know life doesn’t have to stop when you get older. That’s why they work with Londoners over 50 to create chances to work, learn, take part, and stay healthy in body and mind.


  • When: Last Wednesday of Each Month
  • Where: AoD Office in Lillie Road, Fulham, SW6 7SR
  • Times: 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm
  • Free Entrance (please note there is a £2.00 contribution for refreshments)
  • All your Film Watching Essential Refreshments will be available.

What’s On?We will be showing the following 8 Films.

  • January 31st – Strictly Ballroom: Released in 1992, this off-beat Australian romantic comedy tells the tale of Scott Hastings (Paul Mercurio), a dancer who refuses to follow the accepted rules of ballroom dancing and his various female dancing partners. When Scott creates his own style of dance he threatens the authority of the ballroom dancing establishment. Cue plots by Dance Federation chairman Barry Fife (Bill Hunter) and Scott’s family to bring Scott back into line before the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix championship competition….
  • February 28th – Singing in the Rain: This 1952 classic musical comedy stars Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor. One of the greatest and most successful musicals ever filmed, it is filled with fabulous songs, lavish dance routines and Kelly’s famous song-and-dance number performed in the rain. The film is a light-hearted depiction of Hollywood in the late 1920s, with the three stars portraying performers caught up in the transition from silent films to “talkies”.
  • March 28th – Monsoon Wedding: Released in 2001, Monsoon Wedding is a drama film directed by Mira Nair and written by Sabrina Dhawan which depicts romantic entanglements during a traditional Punjabi Hindu wedding in Delhi. A stressed father, a beautiful bride-to-be with a secret, a smitten event planner, and relatives from around the world create chaos during the preparations for an arranged marriage in India.
  • April 25th – Elizabeth: This is a 1998 British biographical drama film based on the early years of Elizabeth’s reign. The sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, covers the later part of her reign. The film sees a young Elizabeth elevated to the throne on the death of her half-sister Mary 1, who imprisoned her.  Elizabeth reign’s over a divided and bankrupt realm, she must counter threats from within, faces plots from Rome, resolves to marry nobody except England, and assumes the persona of the “Virgin Queen”
  • May 23rd – Pride: Pride is a 2014 British historical comedy drama film based on a true story, the film depicts a group of lesbian and gay activists who raised money to help families affected by the British Miners Strike in 1984, at the outset of what would become the lesbian and gays support for the British Miners campaign. The alliance was unlike any seen before and was ultimately successful. Gay activist Mark Ashton watches the news about the miners strike, before setting off to join the Gay Pride Parade in London. Joe Cooper, a 20-year-old student from Bromley who is exploring his own homosexuality, goes off to watch the Gay Pride Parade, but before he knows it, he is involved with the small group of Gay and Lesbian activists led by Mark.
  • June 27th – Young Victoria – Starring: Emily Blunt (Victoria) and Rupert Friend (Albert). Young Victoria is a 2009 British-American period drama film, based on the early life and reign of Queen Victoria, and her marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Princess Victoria of Kent is heiress presumptive .to the throne during the last years of the reign of her uncle King William IV and is subject to a political tug of war for influence over her. On one side is her mother, Duchess of Kent, along with Sir John Conroy, who tries to force Victoria to sign papers declaring a regency and giving him and her mother power. King William dies after Victoria’s 18th birthday, avoiding a regency. After accession, Victoria immediately begins to exert her independence.
  • July 25th – 84 Charing Cross Road – Starring: Anne Bancroft (Helene Hanff), Judi Dench (Nora Doel), Anthony Hopkins (Frank P Doel). 84 Charing Cross Road is a 1987 British-American drama film directed by David Jones. The film is based on a play by James Roose-Evans, which itself was an adaptation of the 1970 epistolary memoir of the same name by Helene Hanff, a compilation of letters between herself and Frank Doel dating from 1949 to 1968. In 1949, Helene Hanff is in search of obscure classics and British literature titles that she has been unable to find in New York City. She notices an ad in the Saturday Review of Literature placed by antiquarian booksellers Marks & Co, located at the titular address in London.  She contacts the shop, where chief buyer and manager Frank Doel fulfills her requests. A long-distance friendship develops over time between the two and between Hanff and other staff members, as well, including birthday gifts, holiday packages and food parcels to compensate for post–World War II food shortages in Britain. Their correspondence includes discussions about topics as diverse as the sermons of John Donne, how to make Yorkshire pudding, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the coronation of Elizabeth II. Hanff postpones visiting her English friends until too late: Doel dies in December 1968 and the bookshop eventually closes. She finally visits Charing Cross Road and the vacant shop in the summer of 1971
  • August 29th The Book Thief – Starring: Sophie Nelisses (Liesel Meminger), Geoffrey Rush (Hans Hubermann), Emily Watson (Rosa Hubermann). A 2013 World War II war drama film directed by Brian Percival and is based on the 2005 novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The film is about a young girl living with her adoptive German family during the Nazi era. Taught to read by her kind-hearted foster father, the girl begins “borrowing” books and sharing them with the Jewish refugee being sheltered by her foster parents in their ho
  • September 26th – Philomena (2013)Starring: Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. Philomena is a 2013 British comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Frears, based on the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by journalist Martin Sixsmith. It tells the true story of Philomena Lee‘s 50-year search for her forcibly adopted son and Sixsmith’s efforts to help her find him. Steve Coogan’s character (Journalist Martin Sixsmith) has lost his job as a government adviser. He is approached at a party by the daughter of Philomena Lee. She suggests that he write a story about her mother, who was forced to give up her toddler son Anthony nearly fifty years ago. Though Sixsmith is initially reluctant in writing a human interest story, he meets Philomena and decides to investigate her case. It’s a very powerful and moving film at times and covers a subject that even today is very much not talked about by some and strongly denied by others, including the church.
  • October 31stAmerican Werewolf (1981) – Starring David Naughton, Jenny Agutter and Griffin Dunne. An American Werewolf in London is a 1981 horror comedy film written and directed by John Landis Two young American college students, David Kessler (Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Dunne), are attacked by a werewolf while on a backpacking holiday in England. When Jack is killed, David is taken to a London hospital, where disturbing apparitions of his deceased friend inform David that he is a werewolf and will transform at the next full moon. The film was one of three high-profile werewolf-themed horror films released in 1981, alongside ‘The Howling’ and ‘Wolfen’. Since its release, it has become a cult classic.
  • November 28th Victoria & Abdul (2017) – Starring: Judy Dench (Victoria), Ali Fazal (Abdul Karim), Michael Gambon, Eddie Izzard, Tim Pigott-Smith and Adeel Akhtar. Victoria & Abdul is a 2017 British biographical drama film directed by Stephen Frears and written by Lee Hall.  The film is based on the book of same name by Shrabani Basu, about the real-life relationship between Queen Victoria and her Indian Muslim servant Abdul Karim. Abdul is a young prison clerk from Agra, India and is instructed to travel to England for the Queens ‘s jubilee in 1887 to present her with a Mohur, a gold coin which has been minted as a token of appreciation from British-ruled India. The Queen, who is lonely and tired of her fawning courtiers, develops an interest in and later a friendship with Abdul. She spends time with him alone and promotes him to become her Munshi. She asks him to teach her Urdu and the Qur’an. Abdul’s preferment is resented by her household and inner circle, including her son Bertie and the Prime Minister. The household plots to undermine their relationship, hoping that Abdul will be sent home. Eventually the household decides that, if Victoria does not break with Abdul, they will all resign. They also threaten to certify Victoria as insane. In 1901, Victoria dies, and her son Bertie, now Edward VII, rejects Abdul, burning all the gifts and papers he has received from the Queen, and sending him and his family back to India.
  • December 19th White Christmas (1954) – Starring: Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen. Filmed in VistaVision and Technicolor. White Christmas is a 1954 American musical romantic comedy film directed by Michael Curtiz. Filmed in VistaVision and Technicolor, it features the songs of Ircing Berlin, including a new version of the title song, “White Chrsitmas”, introduced by Crosby in the film Holiday Inn. On Christmas Eve, 1944, somewhere in Europe, two World War II U.S. Army soldiers, one a Broadway entertainer, Captain Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby), the other an aspiring entertainer, Private Phil Davis (Danny Kaye), perform for the 151st Division. But, word has come down that their beloved commanding officer, Major General Thomas F. Waverly (Dean Jagger), is being relieved of his command. He arrives for the end of the show and delivers an emotional farewell. The men give him a rousing send-off (“The Old Man”), but at the end of the performance, things take a turn for the worst. After the war, Bob and Phil make it big in nightclubs, radio, and then on Broadway, eventually becoming successful producers. Things progress over time and the shows goes on and, in the finale, the background of the set is removed to show the snow falling, everyone raises a glass, and toasts, “May your days be merry and bright; and may all your Christmases be white.”

Booking a SpotIf you want to come along, then book a spot by timing the Volunteer Desk on 0203 080 0386, leaving a message (who you are, and why you’re calling) – Please Don’t Call Reception.

Open Age MembershipFor those of you 50+ you’ll be encouraged to become a Member. This way you’ll get the most out of Open Age and all the fantastic stuff they do for YOU,

So, come on folks, take 2 hours out of your week to enjoy a movie, relax, meet some new people and have some fun.

Please Note: pillows and duvets will not be supplied.

For further information contact

Andrew Farrow – Peer Support Volunteer – 0203 080 0384 – 


1. January – Strictly Ballroom

2. February – Singing in the Rain

3. March – Monsoon Wedding

4. April – Elizabeth 1

5. May – Pride

6. June – Young Victoria

7. July – 84 Charing Cross Road

8. August – The Book Thief

9. September – Philomena

10. October – American Werewolf in London

11. November – Victoria and Abdul

12. December – White Christmas

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