Resident Involvement Strategy Workshops

Dear Residents,

An Opportunity to get involved in Shaping the Resident Involvement Strategy for 2019-2022

Hammersmith and Fulham Council are working with Shared Intelligence to Develop a new Resident Involvement Strategy for 2019-2022. The strategy is all about placing greater control and influence over the delivery of housing services in the hands of H&F residents. In developing this strategy they are seeking to improve the number and reach the residents engaged in existing involvement structures, and improve the ways residents can get involved.

If you live in a council owned property they would like to invite you and anyone within your community group, whether you benefit from the services or involved in running the group to a workshop taking place in the borough.

This workshop will be a great opportunity group, whether you benefit from the services of the group or are involved in running the group, to a workshop taking place in the borough. This workshop will be a great workshop to meet with other residents that are already involved in involvement structures as well as an opportunity for you to share what motivates you and how you feel the council can support you and your neighbours to get involved and stay involved.

There will be workshops in four areas of the borough:

  • 11/03/19 at 7pm (Hammersmith North Area) Charecroft Estate Community Hall Rockley Road, Hammersmith. London W12 8PQ
  • 12/03/19 at 7pm (Fulham North Area) Clem Attlee TRA Hall, Len Freeman place, London SW6 7TN
  • 25/03/19 at 7pm (Hammersmith South Area) Courtyard Room, Hammersmith Town Hall, King street Hammersmith, London,  9JU
  • 04/04/19 at 7pm (Fulham South Area) Lancaster Court, TRA Hall, Darlan road, London SW6 5TB


If the date and time of the workshop in your area doesn’t work for you and you don’t mind travelling a bit further you are more than welcome to travel attend any of the other workshops.

Please let Claire Trafford know if you would like to attend one of the workshops. Please see contact details:  – 020 7765 7600 or  – 020 8753 6652