TFL ‘Please Offer me a Seat’ Scheme

TFL (Transport for London) have launched a new Badge and Card to help customers who are less able to stand, or just don’t feel comfortable about asking, get a seat when they need one.
The “Please Offer me a Seat” Badge and Card are aimed to alert fellow customers on Public Transport that someone is in need of a seat. Following a successful trial, customers said the badge and card made them feel more confident asking for a seat.
How do you Apply?

You have 4 choices

  1. You click on the link – Click here to apply for a badge and card – complete and submit the form online (this includes your Personal Details). Your ‘Please offer me a seat’ pack will be sent out directly to you.
  2. You can order one by calling TfL Customer Services on 0343 222 1234.
  3. Travel Connect (Part of the Peer Support Project) can Register you directly, once you have given us your consent to do so.
  4. Travel Connect (Part of the Peer Support Project) can support you to complete the form online

Please see below the Badge and Card Images

If you have any questions, or you would like some help to apply, then contact

Andrew Farrow – Peer Support Volunteer – 0203 080 0384 – 

Please Offer me a Seat Badge and Card Image

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